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Creams for hyperpigmentation are usually applied to skin that had experienced increased amount of melanin because of recent inflammation. The occurrence of the increased levels of skin pigment usually happens during and after a healing process. Most cases of this kind of discoloration disappears after one or two weeks. However, the process can be speed up using the treatment creams.

Allowing the injured body covering to heal naturally before any invasive treatment is applied is one way to hasten the lightening of cutis pigments. It also lessens the possibility of development of rashes or irritation on the affected part. Using sunscreen lotions with an SPF of 30 and above is also a way to make sure that no further discoloration is experienced while it is in the process of healing.

There are also natural compounds that are found to be effective and have a lightening effect on the body covering. Juices from fruits such as kiwi, grapefruit, lemons, and papaya have proven their effectiveness in lightening dark areas of the body covering. An application regimen performed for 20 minutes twice daily promises favorable results.

Herbs such as licorice, raspberry, mulberry, and green tea can also be used to lighten the pigment of the dermis. These herbs also have similar properties such as those in the vegetables and fruits that promote removal of dark pigments. These can also be applied twice a day for about 20 minutes for favorable results.

A dermatologist can also be consulted for treatment options of this skin condition. High doses of active chemicals in skin lotions can also have a lightening effect. However, because of the high levels of strong ingredients such as hydroquinone and retinol, a prescription from a doctor is needed before it can be purchased. This treatment is considered as one of the most effective and commonly used by people who wanted to fix the discoloration in a short time period.

Lotions that moisturize the cutis also helps you to achieve even tone of the pigment. A well moisturized body covering promotes cell regeneration. The removal of old and darker cells reveal lighter new skin below.

Expensive methods are also available for the financially able. Among these are laser treatments, azelaic acid creams, and chemical peels. This option often gives faster results and are also used as last resort treatment for stubborn spots.

To help in your decision, you can ask the dermatologist for a list of the advantages and disadvantages of each of the methods. The doctor can also make a recommendation on the procedure that suits you and your dermal type. Still, there is the danger of an adverse effect after the application of the more radical methods.

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